111 Photos of Dads, Studs, Pups, and Divas for Tom of Finland

By | 2019-06-23T16:25:32-07:00 June 23rd, 2019|Press|

By Lorenzo Gomez Photography The yearly bash at the Faultline is a beloved L.A. tradition to honor Tom of Finland and kicked off the summer season with bears, boys, bare butts, and beer. Perfect June weather — sunny and warm enough that there was the smell of man in the air — greeted the day [...]

Equal Opportunity Bootlicking

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You’ve probably heard of the idea of a queer “scene,” perhaps most often from people who don’t care for it. But what, exactly, is this scene? Who’s a part of it? Who isn’t? Who decides? Is there more than one? What happens when a scene evolves—or when it doesn’t? These are the questions we’ve gathered [...]

Beyond Off Sunset: A Guide to Gay Silver Lake

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LGBTQ nightlife in Los Angeles can be a bit detached, but each separate "gayborhood" has its own vibe and appeal. There's the glitz (and the expense) of West Hollywood, L.A.'s best-known gayborhood, and the burgeoning one of Downtown L.A.. Then there's the important and well-established gayborhoods in Long Beach and the valley. Then there is perhaps the most historic gayborhood: Silver Lake. [...]

Where To Watch RuPaul’s Drag Race In LA — And Beyond

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The Emmy-winning VH1 show is great to watch at your leisure, with friends, when you can pause to cackle over crucial moments like Vanessa Vanjie Mateo's weird "Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?" exit. But there's electricity in the air when you watch Drag Race in real-time at a local gay bar, rubbing toned deltoids with other fans lubricated [...]

See Snaps From L.A.’s Dirtiest Holiday Tradition

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It’s beginning to look a lot like a Dirty Looks Christmas.  Los Angeles’ premier queerdo film org hosted their third annual Holiday Bazaar last Friday night at East Hollywood’s indoor-outdoor gay leather bar, Faultline, and it one-upped last year’s fete at every turn. 

Time Out: The best gay bars and clubs in Los Angeles

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By Ariel Dixon and Duane Wells|Posted: Thursday September 27 2018 When it comes to gay bar and club options in Los Angeles, there’s lots to choose from—and not just in rainbow-dipped WeHo. To help you pick the best spots for dancing, boozing, flirting and cruising in Hollywood, Silver Lake and beyond, check out this list of [...]


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‘DESERT ISLAND DOWNLOADS’ WITH SINGER, SONGWRITER, SUPERSTAR DJ SHYBOY f you live in Los Angeles or have visited in the past few years, chances are you’ve attended one of ShyBoy’s DJ gigs at Bootie or his incredibly popular events with bf Mark Nubar at the Faultline (“MaDonna Summer” being the most epic). ShyBoy’s also an [...]

LA WEEKLY: Where to Have a Gay Ol’ Time in Los Angeles: A Nightlife Guide

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As equality and acceptance for the LGBTQ community slowly becomes the norm across the nation, a beautiful by-product has emerged: There are more places than ever for people of all sexual preferences to come together and party. Here in L.A., queer nightlife has long been a primary source for joyful revelry and creative expression, and [...]